Say Hello to Guilt Free Indulgence

Toto is an ooey-gooey, drool-worthy delicious cookie made with pure superfood ingredients, powerful adaptogens, and no artificial anything.


You may recognize Sydney from Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars. Tune in on Wednesday Nights at 9pm on Fox to watch Sydney compete for a chance to win Gordon’s Investment.


Hi I’m Syd, founder of Toto. Our cookies were born out of my journey healing from colon cancer and Crohn's disease through the power of food. I created Toto to help people enjoy the things they love, made with ingredients that are nourishing AND delicious- so that no one ever has to sacrifice life’s sweeter moments.


How well do you really know your food? As someone who has learned the power of food, nutrition, and healing ingredients through my own journey, I know firsthand how important it is to scrutinize what's in the things we eat.

The 'healthy' products that many leading brands sell might get the buzzwords right, but many times are full of chemicals and artificial ingredients. At our company, we prioritize ingredients above all else because we believe food should be simple.